#softandstrong Supersoft Wraps Launch


Singapore and Malaysia introduced Supersoft wraps into the respective markets in late 2017. As part of the efforts to introduce this new range to the general public, a campaign that promotes the benefits of the product, soft and yet strong characteristics was conceived and launch on International Women’s Day on 8th March.  


The #softandstrong campaign was meant to celebrate women that epitomises soft yet strong qualities, traits akin to the newly launched Supersoft wraps. The unique naming of the campaign shows our focus leaning towards digital-sphere and being relevant to the current consumer group. 


Three Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) were chosen to front the campaign. These 3 KOLs were carefully curated to be successful role models that embodies #softandstrong qualities. Three Malaysian female powerhouses, Ning BaizuraLinora Low and Francisca Turner were engaged to narrate the campaign, celebrating not only the soft and strong side of women, but also these shared traits with the new product. 


Singapore used 3 similarly powerful women, Kate Low, Bella Koh and Yip Pin
Xiu to launch the product at Webarre studio through a customised yoga session, showcasing #softandstrong characteristic.