Mission Supersoft Original Wrap

Mission Supersoft Original Wraps are the perfect canvas to turn ordinary dishes into culinary creations the whole family will love, in just minutes. Mission Wraps are soft and pliable when heated making it easy to wrap and roll anything from chicken rice to last night’s leftovers.

Wellness Badges:

  • Source of Fibre
  • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans
  • Halal Certified

Available sizes: 8”.


Unbleached Wheat Flour, Water, Vegetable Shortening (Palm Oil, E306), Salt, Sugar, Contains Permitted Leavening Agent (E500, E450), Compound Emulsifier and Enzyme Additive (E471, Alpha-Amylase, Xylanase, Glucoamylase, Corn Starch, Wheat Flour), Acidity Regulator (E297) and Preservative (E282).


Tepung Gandum, Air, Lemak Sayuran (Minyak Kelapa Sawit, E306), Garam, Gula, Mengandungi Bahan Penaik Yang Dibenarkan (E500, E450), Mengandungi Pengemulsi Kompaun dan Tambahan Enzim Yang Dibenarkan (E471, Alphaamylase, Xylanase, Glucoamylase, Tepung Jagung,Tepung Gandum), Mengandungi Pengawal Asid Yang Dibenarkan (E297) dan Mengandungi Bahan Pengawet Yang Dibenarkan (E282).


Contains Gluten (Wheat) - Gluten (Gandum).

Country of Origin: Malaysia.

Nutritional Facts