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With a wide range of Wraps, Pita Pockets, Naan and Pizza Bases, Mission flat breads are suited to many different occasions and cuisines. Our products are a source of fibre and are made in state-of-the-art facility using only premium ingredients

Mini Wraps

Smaller in size but monster-rific in taste, Mission Mini Wraps are perfect for little fingers. With three great flavours, fun illustrated monster packaging, they are low in sugar and a source of dietary fibre – a win win for mum and kids!

Healthy Wraps Range

Mission Foods has introduced healthy wraps to it’s range: Reduced Carb, Chia and Quinoa. As consumers become increasingly health-conscious with regards to eating and overall lifestyle and demand more nutritious foods, this new range will help them make better choices.

120g Tortillas Strips Corn Strips

Mission Corn Strips aren’t your regular triangular corn chip, the unique strip shape comes in a range of unique flavours to match: Tom Yum, Peri Peri and Spicy Szechuan Seafood. What’s more they contain no artificial colours, have 30% less oil than regular potato chips and are free from preservatives. All with the same great authentic taste and quality you’d expect from Mission


Mission Naan come in 2 variants , Plain and Garlic & Herb, the perfect accompaniment to any curry or dip.

Pita Bread

Mission Pitas are available in Plain and Wholemeal variants and come with a pocket that once heated, you can cut and easily fill with any of your favourite ingredients

Pizza Crusts

Who doesn’t love Pizza?! What's better than take-out pizza…your own DIY pizza in the comfort of your own home with all your favourite toppings. Mission Pizza Crusts come in Plain and Wholemeal variants and are large enough for the entire family. Being shelf stable means no defrosting, just topping, cooking and eating!