Mission Foods

Since our beginnings, more than 60 years ago, we have been a Socially Responsible company, committed to making a positive contribution to social, economic, and environmental development, on the basis of our four pillars: Nutritional, Ecological, Social, and Economic.

The Four Pillars of GRUMA’s Social Responsibility and Sustainability 

  • Nutritional: We produce a food staple with high nutritional value for the general health and welfare of our consumers.
  • Ecological: We develop technology to care for the environment. Our goal is to minimize our environmental impact.
  • Social: We support communities in need, ensuring the motivation and involvement of human capital in the continual improvement of the company. This is a commitment held in common with the community and social networks.
  • Economic: We develop and invest in productive and commercial chains, maintaining close relations with our customers and guaranteeing their satisfaction, in order to extend our commitment to social responsibility to suppliers and subcontracted companies.


Please Read our Enviromental Policy