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GRUMA has visibility in 113 countries of the world through our global brands Maseca and Mission, as well as local leading brands of the markets that we participate: Guerrero in the United States, TortiRicas and Tosty in Costa Rica, among others. We have 101 plants at worldwide level.

Gruma México

GIMSA is the leading manufacturer of corn-flour in Mexico.  We are engaged in the production, distribution and sale of corn flour under the brand Maseca and we have 17 facilities throughout the country with which we attend our industrial, wholesale and retail customers.

Mission Foods Mexicois an important producer of corn and wheat tortillas and tortilla chips, attending retail customers through three plants and distribution centers located mainly in the north of Mexico.  The main brand is Mission.

Gruma USA has two divisions in this country:

Azteca Milling.   It is the main manufacturer of corn flour in the country, and operates six plants strategically located to attend industrial, retail and institutional customers in the United States and Canada.   Its most important brand is Maseca, which is the undisputable leader in the business of corn flour and represents the Mexican culture for the Hispanic consumer.

Mission Foods.   Main producer of corn and flour tortillas in the United States and a serious competitor in tortilla chips, "tostadas" and taco shells.  With this business we operate 22 plants throughout the country.  Its main brand is Mission, the leading brand in tortillas in the Foodservice and Retail channels, developing products suited to the profile of the North-American consumer and providing comprehensive business solutions to Foodservice operations throughout the United States and Canada.

Furthermore, it has the brand Guerrero, which is the main brand in tortillas and tostadas for the Hispanic market in the United States, offering products with a profile of flavor and features suited to the taste of the Mexicans.

Gruma in Europe has two divisions:

Azteca Milling Europe has been the pioneer in the business of corn grits. We are the key supplier of this product for the main producers of beer, snacks and cereals (brans) in the region, such as Heineken, Fritolay and Nestle.

We have three facilities in Europe: Italy, Ukraine and Turkey, which have allowed our products to go beyond the borders and reach the Middle East and North Africa.

Mission Foods,   Is one of the main producers of tortillas and flatbreads in the region and has four plants: two in the United Kingdom, one in Holland and another one in Russia.

We developed the presentation of wraps in this region with the global brand Mission which is at present the number one, fitting it to the taste of each country and to the miscellaneous self-service and foodservice channels.

Also, Mission Foods has promoted the development of varied flatbreads, such as the pita or naan, with which we have become one of the main stakeholders in Europe in this line of business.

Gruma Central America

With our 12 plants, Gruma Central America attends industrial, wholesale and retail customers in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.  We produce corn flour and to a less extent, tortillas, snacks and rice.  At Gruma Central America, we also cultivate "palmito" hearts and process rice. Our main brands include Maseca for corn flour, TortiRicas and Mission for tortilla and Tosty for snacks.

Gruma Asia and Oceania

The Asia and Oceania division produces and distributes wheat and corn flour tortillas, corn chips and other types of flatbreads, such as wraps, pita, chapatti, naan and pizza.  It has three plants located in China, Malaysia and Australia, which enable it to supply more than 20 countries in that region.

Through the   Mission global brand, we are one of the main suppliers of tortillas, tortilla chips and flatbreads for foodservice operators in the region, such as KFC, McDonalds’ or Domino’s Pizza, becoming an important partner for them in specialty breads solutions.

In addition to this, we have launched the Mission brand in the retail environment in Australia, which  has become the number one brand in the category of wraps and Indian breads such as naan and chapatti, and a strong competitor in pizza bases and Mexican.  More recently, the brand was also launched in the retail environment in Singapore, Malaysia and China, achieving great acceptance in these markets.


On May 3, 1949, the first processed corn flour production plant in the world was inaugurated in Cerralvo, Nuevo León, signaling the beginning of GRUMA

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Since its beginnings, more than 60 years ago, GRUMA has been a Socially Responsible Company, committed to contributing to the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of the communities in which it operates.

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